Title Agency Producer Licensing

 Title Agency and Agent Producer License Applications

System 2 Thinking has Executed over 150,000 Producer Licenses.

The first step in any title agency licensing project is to have an initial meeting (onboard session) in which the client provides information to determine the best corporate strategic licensing path. This meeting flushes out the determination of the home state and yields a straightforward process for moving forward in a compliant fashion.

The next step in the title agency licensing process begins with client intake forms for the individual and business entity producers. Our licensing team reviews the information for accuracy and compliance. Thereafter, System 2 Thinking licensing experts either populate initial title agency licensing and individual agent title license paper applications with the client’s data or with submission through NIPR or Sircon. If paper applications, the client then reviews applications for accuracy of the information, executes them, and returns them to System 2 Thinking for submission to the appropriate licensing authorities for processing. System 2 Thinking title agency licensing experts follow up on applications’ status, troubleshoot problems, and see the application process to completion.

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