License, Annual Report & Event Tracking

System 2 Thinking has specialized tracking software designed for the insurance industry, which allows us to assist underwriter and agent clients in tracking licensing and other critical regulatory submission and expiration dates. System 2 Thinking provides notices to its clients, letting them know when important deadlines are coming.

Compliance Calendar

Never miss another deadline for your company’s business-critical compliance filings. The Compliance Calendar automatically creates calendar events for annual reports and related filing obligations and proactively sends email alerts to keep you apprised of upcoming due dates.

Automatic upload of corporate filing evidence and SOP

System 2 Thinking instantly adds new documents, categorized by entity, to your electronic library for rapid response and future reference.

Corporate Tracker

System 2 Thinking monitors your entity portfolio and secretary of state records to detect events that may require your attention. If an entity’s good standing status changes—or if a name change occurs—our Corporate Tracker sends you email alerts notifying you of the change.

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