License Maintenance And Renewals

Stress Free Filing and Renewal Management So You Focus on Operations

There are more than 160,000 local, county, municipal, township, and respective district governments in the United States. System 2 Thinking liaises with all of them to keep track of due dates and your changing requirements. We fill out forms and track license filings and renewals through to completion on your behalf. For every title license filing or renewal, we will:

  • Obtain the necessary renewal documents
  • Work with you to complete the information
  • Complete your renewal application
  • Deliver the materials to the licensing authorities
  • Confirm that your title license renewal has been successfully filed with the licensing authority
  • Follow up with the jurisdiction through completion of your license renewal or application, upload the business license images to your web-based portfolio, and mail you the originals.

As always, we are happy to help with this challenging process. Call us at 917.420.0333 for a free one-hour consultation or fill out the Contact Us Now form below.

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