Due Diligence

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence is Paramount

Buyer Beware: there are no secrets from us.  Merger and acquisition due diligence is an essential tool in “looking under the hood.”  Whether it’s a merger of industry giants, the integration of two smaller businesses, or a potential JV, you have an absolute need to validate your assumptions.  We will ensure you have a deep understanding of the opportunities, risks, and implications for accretion before the deal goes through. Reliance on hearsay statements is not allowed in the law, and therefore, ill-advised to accept third party “guarantees.”

An essential part of any merger and acquisition due diligence investigation is to examine the “fit.” What’s the target company’s client mix? Competitive positioning in its market? Potential to affect the value of the combined enterprise? The answers demand primary qualitative and quantitative research into the organization under consideration.

How we help with Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

We can help you with any part of your due diligence strategy. For instance, we can:

  • Evaluate the attractiveness of the target market, including in these areas:
    • Market development
    • Product mix and competitive pricing
    • The regulatory issues
    • Customer insights
  • Analyze the target company’s competitive position in areas such as these:
    • Entry and exit barriers
    • Competitive dynamics
    • Technology innovation
    • Marketing and sales ROI
  • Identify critical opportunities for revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and increased efficiencies
  • Validate the target company’s financials, including top-line revenue and operating margin
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Forecast opportunities using a series of market scenarios to quantify how market changes could impact a deal’s value
  • Assess risks and rewards
  • Provide relevant research before completing any transaction

Your benefits

  • Proprietary insight into the perspectives of key clients, vendors, and competitors
  • Advance knowledge of negative information with the target company
  • Assumptions and variables that have been tested and quantified

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