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Rapid Improvement Projects

System 2 Thinking is reknown for its Rapid Improvement Projects (“RIP”). In this scenario, we interview the stakeholders involved in the company process in a two-day ZOOM session. After the interviews occur, a “low hanging fruit” meeting is had with the management to explain the suggested immediate improvements. Thereafter a detailed report is issued containing the current state of the process along with an optimized future state. Additionally, a massive amount of intelligence is transferred by way of a Project Report. After this is completed, you can expect a 10-15% increase in bottom-line improvement.

Why Should You Seek to Improve Processes?

Mortgage and title companies stand to benefit from continuous improvement through process improvement consultation. Simply put, the value-add of process optimization is increased efficiency. Whether you are a small start-up or a high-volume provider, you must understand that as your processes become more efficient, you will see a direct, positive impact on your bottom line.

A process is a collection of related, structured activities or events that produce a service or product. Years ago, the emphasis on process improvement was to fine-tune the human activities within your business process. Today, experts in the field recognize that you can only improve human activities so much, but process improvement consultation will create exponential results.

Over the last ten years, real estate service providers looking to optimize their business processes have tried many different methodologies. Many have succeeded in improving their processes, but they have reached a point of diminishing returns over time. Many mistakenly believe that they have squeezed out as much efficiency as possible. The wisest, however, recognize that continuous Improvement through daily Process Optimization is the key.

System 2 Thinking can help you implement procedures that help you improve processes daily. In the consulting industry, this is formally referred to as Business Process Management (BPM). Our process improvement consultants are on the cutting edge and create ROI for your organization.

Savvy real estate service providers have tried many disciplines to improve their processes. Some companies have only informal, unwritten methods in place to improve their processes. Others have embraced groundbreaking tactics like Six Sigma. The Six Sigma methodology entails five steps toward process improvement. The shorthand for these five steps is DMAIC, which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

How it Works

Clearly, the objective of process optimization is ‘improvement,’ but this is also a vague goal. How do you know when you have succeeded? System 2 Thinking recommends that you begin by mapping out your current processes as mathematically as possible.

Our team of experts will help you define your processes’ steps and measure how long each process takes to complete. Having this initial data will allow you to track improvements and results in a quantifiable manner.

One thing that all companies have in common is that change happens. Your improvement plan must be capable of adapting to change so that your company can remain flexible and competitive.

It is often useful to create a dedicated team for Business Process Development; System 2 Thinking can show you how to establish such a team.

Process Automation

After documenting a process, you may elect to automate it, freeing up human capital for activities that require more intellectual power. Why should a human perform an activity that software can do more quickly and efficiently?

It is important to realize that activities can be differently automated based on whether they are “local” or “global.”

Local Automation

It is simple to automate steps within a single software environment. Programs can be implemented that operate on “if-then, else” logic. For example, if an activity goes well, the software will push a task on to a certain step. If it goes poorly, it will travel to a different step. “If then, else” logic is instrumental in process automation. This is just one example of S2T’s expertise in the field.

Global Automation 

More complex or “global” activities may be automated via integration between your enterprise software packages. This allows the BPM software to read/write into some other enterprise software or even run a program within another software system. This is a single example of the myriad considerations System 2 Thinking will explore when helping your company effectively automate its processes.

Benefits of Process Optimization

The benefits of Process Optimization when deployed effectively through process improvement consultation include increased efficiency and improvement in the following business goals:

Reducing costs
Shortening cycle times
Shortening audits
Increasing throughput
Improving quality
Improving morale
Producing a competitive advantage

Process Optimization is a complex task that involves mapping out a detailed picture of your company and systematically pinpointing areas for improvement within your technology, outsourcing, automation, and human capital systems.

Let System 2 Thinking’s Process Optimization Team help you increase efficiency and boost your bottom line. Schedule a free one-hour meeting or a call today.


The Rapid Impact Project has been developed for organizations seeking a fast, effective solution to process optimization.  This accelerated program will map a core group of up to five processes, with the option of real-time process optimization sessions for instant results.  The project can be completed in less than 5 business days or even less if called upon to do so.

S2T’s consultants will commence with process optimization education to prepare and motivate your process owners.  We will then begin rapidly documenting processes, using our unique methodology that produces highly detailed, user-friendly process maps.  Our cooperative approach ensures a positive and rewarding experience for your staff.  Our initial sessions capture up to 85% of each process, with second-round refining and improving the maps to a level of 95%. The Rapid Impact Project is the ideal solution for the following situations:

-You are considering a companywide process improvement initiative and would like to establish proof of concept.
-You have a problem area within one area of the company and need results immediately.
-You have no processes in place and want to use this approach as a pilot program.

For more information about the Rapid Impact Project or process improvement consultation, request a free one-hour meeting or call now.

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