The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual

The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual represents an essential addition to every real estate professional’s library. Designed as a working tool for any stakeholders to a real estate transaction, the manual is sophisticated yet teachable and supplies a curated compilation of the up to the minute complex laws and customs surrounding real estate transactions in all 51 jurisdictions. No such resource existed until now. Relevant stakeholders of mortgage lenders, title agencies, real estate brokerages, real estate law firms, asset managers, real estate portals, and technology providers, as well as other industry professionals, will appreciate this distillation of the voluminous laws and customs into one encyclopedic manual, which is designed to be a quick reference manual as well as an enterprise-wide training manual.

Hallmark Features of The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual

  • Years of thorough research, containing fully-cited explanations of the relevant laws, regulations, and customary practices for each of the 51 jurisdictions.
  • Bluebook-qualified legal citations to every states’ applicable statutes, current through June 2020.
  • Every U.S. state and the District of Columbia has its own chapter in the manual that details its laws, regulations, and customs.
  • Each chapter covers the laws, customs, and regulations including but not limited to Title Searches and Examination of the Land Title Records; Ownership – Vesting and its Idiosyncrasies, Death and its Effect on the Transaction; Mortgages, Liens, and Foreclosures; Statute of Limitations; Real Estate Closings; Recordation into the Public Records; and Property Taxes.
  • Easy to use and ideal for a multi-jurisdictional training manual for mortgage processors, title agencies, and real estate brokerages, as well as operational personnel involved in the real estate transaction process.


Allen Solomon wrote The First Title Agent’s Licensing Manual. He believes that a full understanding of the national title agent licensing landscape is imperative for those interested in the growth of their business. As local models become outdated, it is the responsibility of all title professionals to educate themselves about the industry’s future.

S2T specializes in national title licensure and compliance consultation, and we have leveraged our collective knowledge to create the nation’s only definitive guide to state title agent licensing. Check out some of the features of this unique book:

  • Up-to-date rules and regulations in an easy-to-reference format, organized alphabetically by state.
  • Clear, concise language written with the agent in mind.
  • Citations to all applicable laws and statutes.
  • Robust spreadsheets—one for each state.
  • A comprehensive glossary and abbreviations list.
  • Time-saving tips for negotiating bureaucratic red tape
  • Practical advice from the System 2 Thinking team.
  • A handy introduction to the history of licensure with a glimpse of the future of the industry.


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