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Title Agency Licensing Process 101

The following is a brief overview of the title agency licensing process at System 2 Thinking:

Demographic Forms

The title agency licensing process begins with the execution of individual and business demographic forms. These forms seek information that is not public allowing our team to move forward. From these forms, our title agency licensing experts are equipped with the knowledge to move forward with the applications to the state regulators via Sircon, NIPR, NMLS, or directly to the state. Prior to this activity, we will meet to have an onboard call.

Onboard Call

After receipt of the demographic forms, we will have an onboard call to determine priorities and develop deliverables for our title agency licensing team and yours. This meeting via ZOOM will clarify all questions you may have and establish timelines for when each respective license will be granted.

Dissemination of Information into Sircon, NIPR, NMLS, or Direct

After receipt of demographics and the onboard call, our title agency licensing experts will get busy filing all producer license applications, whether individual or business entity license applications.

Creation of the Tracking Matrix

During the title agency licensing process, our experts will create and track a shared matrix so that the client is abreast in real time of our licensing efforts.

Printing of Licenses

Once the license(s) is granted, the client receives the actual printed license in e-format or a paper license, as the case may be.

If you have questions about title agency licensing, please call us at 917.420.0333 for a free one-hour consultation or fill out the Contact Us Now form below.

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