Legal support

Legal support

Our Litigation Support professionals draw upon their deep expertise and qualifications and advanced skills in technology, e-discovery, and database analysis. We can aid during all phases of a matter, from early complaint and discovery through damage analysis, trial preparation, and expert testimony in mortgage and title related matters. System 2 Thinking has experience in reviewing large-sized and extraordinarily complex document collections, a track record in reviewing documents associated with complex
litigation and other litigation-related services including but not limited to:

– Deposition summaries;
– Document review and organization for purposes of depositions:
– Summarization of court transcripts, and
– Assessments for FRCP 26 (f) conferences and reports.

Contract Review

System 2 Thinking’s litigation support contract management involves reviewing, summarizing, organizing contracts, and using database software for management purposes. We can review contracts received by a client for compliance with corporate or other standards and provide reports pointing out any relevant issues/deviations for the client’s legal team. We can also assist with drafting standard legal agreements as well as provide back-office support for industry-specific documentation.

Real Estate

Lease abstraction is one of our specialties, having reviewed over 10,000 leases connected with the sale of 83 shopping centers. We have organizational services to support a real estate business by organizing, indexing, and tabulating various real estate documents based on various criteria developed after consulting with them. Additionally, we can provide litigation support for commercial transactions, including large scale asset purchase transactions. Last, we can provide online title searches and multi-jurisdictional research.

Legal Research & Compliance

System 2 Thinking provides superior legal research services customized as per client needs. Additionally, we offer Regulatory and Compliance support such as management of deadlines and keeping track of various forms, organizing and filing data to be used for purposes of compliance, assistance with preparation of forms (registration and ongoing compliance), assistance with preparation of offering documentation (in case of financial institutions), and assistance with implementation of supervisory procedures.

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