Achieve Sustainable Growth With Title Insurance Process Improvement

Title agencies can improve processes to help achieve sustainable growth using System 2 Thinking. When you improve processing, you can adopt more effective ways to establish ongoing growth. Here are the four basic steps that System 2 Thinking can make easier.

  1. Identify Change Opportunities

The need for change is the driving force behind effective business process improvements. System 2 Thinking shows you how a process audit allows you to find improvement opportunities. The audit identifies issues but also looks for potential risks. Your report will provide a list of required improvements that can then be prioritized. 

Your audit also allows you to assess each process and its impact on:

  • Your organization
  • Your resources
  • All stakeholders, including employees, customers, students, partners, and suppliers

You will then have a foundation from which to build your improvement plan.

  1. Analyze Your Current Process

With your list of opportunities, you can tackle how you will improve each process. System 2 Thinking will assist with the analysis of your current procedure. When you understand the process every step of the way, you will more readily identify realistic improvements so that you can set your objectives. 

There are many tools you can choose for the analysis, including process mapping, operational surveys, cause/effect analysis, and more. 

System 2 Thinking offers insight into the questions you have to ask. When you answer these questions, you will see patterns and be able to get started on resolving issues. 

  1. Obtain Commitment and Support From Senior Management

When adopting new business process improvements, you require buy-in from senior management. System 2 Thinking helps you acquire senior management commitment so that you can effect change. This is the most important step to see the success of your changes. Managerial support changes optics and allows each department to see the necessity of the improvements for the entire business. 

In order to ensure buy-in and support, a clear presentation of the changes and how they will positively impact the bottom line will help secure support. System 2 Thinking helps management understand the potential consequences of maintaining current processes. 

  1. Create Your Improvement Strategy

The final step is to develop your strategy. System 2 Thinking helps you identify the steps that are being addressed, why they are broken, and how you will fix them. You can use your answers to determine how improvements can be made to develop realistic objectives for your improvements. You can then set measurable objectives that tie in with your strategic goals.

System 2 Thinking helps title agencies improve processes in the following areas:

  • Licensing
  • Escrow accounting procedures
  • Privacy and information security
  • Settlement procedures
  • Title policy production and delivery
  • Professional liability

This accelerated program maps a core group of processes in your business, with the option of real-time process optimization sessions for instant results.

Title Insurance Process Improvement

System 2 Thinking’s Rapid Impact Project was designed for organizations seeking fast, effective solutions to process optimization. Your project can be completed in less than five business days. Our consultants dive in with process optimization education to prepare and motivate your process owners. 

System 2 Thinking is trusted by real estate service providers, tech startups, and Fortune 1000 companies to consistently deliver transformational outcomes in competitive environments.

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