Monthly Archives: November 2023

Title Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions

Title Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions: A Guide to Best Practices for Long-Term Value Creation

November 22nd, 2023 M&A

In the intricate world of title insurance mergers and acquisitions, the distinction between long-term value creation and value destruction often hinges on the implementation of best practices. At S2T, our expertise in facilitating title insuranc.... Read More

E and O wire fraud

Navigating the Complexities of E and O Wire Fraud Coverage in Real Estate Transactions

November 11th, 2023 Technology

In the dynamic realm of real estate, title agencies are pivotal, managing substantial financial transactions and confidential data. However, the escalation of sophisticated cybercrimes, particularly e and o wire fraud, has introduced new challen.... Read More

Mortgage Rates Drop

Mortgage Rates Drop: A Beacon of Hope in the Housing Market

November 1st, 2023 Mortgage News

In recent developments, the housing market has witnessed a significant shift as mortgage rates drop, heralding a period of potential relief for homebuyers grappling with the least affordable housing landscape since the 1980s. This week, the tren.... Read More