AI Technology Permits Automated Title Insurance Operations

The rocket speed at which artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are taking over may seem a little concerning. After all, these technologies can be found on our phones, computers, and even in our homes. Yet, AI rapidly increases our productivity, saves us money, and helps us perform our jobs more efficiently. In industries such as title insurance, the customer service tools that are made possible through AI are becoming more and more vital. Here are the three most prominent AI tools that consumers expect from title insurance professionals:


If you are reading this, odds are that you have had a conversation with a chatbot. If not, you will soon, as 80% of businesses are hoping to incorporate them by 2020. Furthermore, studies show that 85% of consumers would rather talk to a chatbot than an actual human! The most attractive feature of chatbots are the 24-hour service. Most chatbots, if done right, can resolve any small issues a customer may encounter, without any human involvement. When this technology is implemented into the title insurance company, it can allow title insurance operations to become a self-service tool. This can almost certainly improve a title insurance company’s business efforts, as they will be able to attend to more customers than ever before.

Email Assistants

Similarly, email assistants can allow for title insurance operations to take place automatically, since they can potentially read and respond to emails from clients. Again, this is a great way to enhance business and to make sure a title insurance professional doesn’t miss a email.

Smart Speakers

The Amazon Echo and Google Home have quickly secured a spot in the homes of people all over the world. Consumers love the fact that they can ask questions and receive instant answers using their voice. People depend on these devices to check the weather, play music, and even control the lights in their home. If title insurance companies can use this technology to assist customers, it will only help their business thrive.

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